Chicks in the Grade 1/2 Classroom

The Grade 1/2 classroom was excited to welcome 7 new baby chicks to their room at the beginning of May.  The students were able to view the chicks as they hatched and have named them: Pikachu, Wild Child, Cotton, Choo Choo, Eveey, Peppercorn,  and Smokey Lovester.  The Grade 1/2s have done some question and answer writing about chickens, which they have shared on their bulletin board.  Here they are enjoying some outside exercise.    

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CancerCare Manitoba Fundraiser Canteen

An enthusiastic  group of Grade 3/4 students has organized a fundraiser event for the Children’s Hospital.  They will open a canteen during both nutrition breaks on Friday, April 16th.  Items for sale include: (Kool-Aid Jammer ($1) or Gatorade($2); chips ($2); jumbo freezies ($2); Chocolate-Chip School Safe Bars ($1); granola bars ($1); sunburst gummies ($1) and possibly a few other items for similar prices.  This group of students is hoping to organize a canteen every second Friday in support of various… Read More

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Rosser 50/50 Draw for Touchless Faucets

Rosser School supported by REPAC is fundraising for touchless faucets in the school bathrooms.  50/50 tickets have been sent home with students.  Tickets are $5 each and the draw will be held on March 1st.  Thank you for your support! Ticket Info

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November Numbers – Hot Chocolate Art

Miss. Zinyk combined math and art in this activity.  You can’t quite see, but the students were asked to write their addition sum of marshmallows in each cup.

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