Some exciting information that we will be discussing at the REPAC meeting is the support we have just received from the RM for the Playground Project.  Mr. Boonstra along with four of our students attended a council meeting in December to request funds to support the project on behalf of REPAC.  The students did a great job sharing their thoughts and ideas about why an additional swing set would be important on our playground.  Please find a photo of the group attached.

**REPAC is very excited to share that the RM has approved a $10,000 contribution towards the project!**


The goal for the Playground Project is certainly an ambitious one.  The first step will be an additional swing-set, followed by an new slide on the play-structure as the current one is damaged, and finally additional components to be added to the existing structure.  The school will be sharing updates of the “Goal Thermometer” that we have displayed in the hallway.  The hope is to be able to complete all three steps of the project by the beginning of next school year!  We thank Mrs. Boonstra for her dedication to the project, which has included applying for numerous grants on an on-going basis.  It is very much appreciated!

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