Mission Statement

At Rosser School we believe everyone has something important to offer, and collectively we can achieve higher goals. We understand that every one of us is good at something, but no one person is good at everything. We strive to motivate and support. We are confident that through effort and perseverance we all can achieve our personal best. Our goal is to help each child believe, “I can do it!” Children can learn. They can be strong and healthy, and they can contribute to their community. With the knowledge that kindness surrounds them, “We can do it!”

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Artist in the School

Student were excited to complete the tile mosaic with Mr. Melman this week.  It looks beautiful!  Mr. Melman commented that they are the most patient group he has worked with at this age-group and their attention to detail was incredible.  Great job Rosser students!  There are quite a few pictures below, if you would like to check out the students working on the mosaic.  We are looking forward to having it installed at the front entrance of the school later… Read More

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Artist In The School

Last week we had Dimitry Melman visit our school to explain the process of creating a ceramic tile mosaic to students.  Classroom teachers also discussed the theme of the mosaic, which will be “community,” with the students and each of them submitted their ideas of what the word “community” means to them.  Mr. Melman then goes through each of the submissions and looks for repeating themes in order to create a mosaic of our ideas.  We are excited to see… Read More

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Leprechaun Traps

The Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 classroom had fun making leprechaun traps last week and hoped to catch one of the sneaky little guys if they came into the classroom.  They saw that one had visited the school, but had no luck in catching it.  Better luck next year!  Please check out the pictures of some of their creations and a glimpse of the mess that was made.

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